The Man Who Danced with Dolls
by Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams
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It was nearly thirty years ago, in the winter of 1984 in Paris. We had flown in from Chicago to see my paternal grandparents, Opa Bergen, after whom I was named, and Mémé Francoise. Mémé was a wonderful woman who was given to scarves and worrying and who talked a great deal at night, which is when she liked to have a few glasses of her wine. Talking water, my grandfather called it.
The Man Who Danced with Dolls is a portrait of a family’s legacy — the language of their memories, the secrets of their buried past, and the subway busker whose wordless dancing punctuates their lives.
Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams teaches at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. In 2010 she was a recipient of the Rona Jaffe National Literary Award.